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DME-Bike Fractum review on qualescegliere.it!

Recensione DME-Bike Fractum su qualescegliere.it!

This month our DME Bike model FRACTUM has been reviewed on the well-known online portal qualescegliere.it obtaining a final overall rating of 8.6 / 10!

Here is an extract from the review:

“The bike is designed to satisfy everyone, both those who go to town and those looking for a model to cover even the most difficult sections.This is why the DME Fractum is a mountain bike, complete with shock absorbers on the frame and gel saddle.

If comfort does not give rise to doubts, we are rather a bit perplexed about the speed on the urban stretch, since the wheels are only 26 “.

The accessory kit is good, and includes, among other things, the on-board computer and the external compass, but also the luggage rack for everyday shopping or for transporting documents. The battery power is the classic 250 Watt, and guarantees an average of 50 km per charge. “

Read the full review on: qualescegliere.it

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